A Day at the CampImmersion is Fun!

At Language Kids World, your child can learn another language and culture while having a blast! Everything we do at camp has been designed to promote language learning holistically following the natural approach that is optimal for immersion settings. Our teachers have been extensively trained in methods for teaching foreign languages to children, and nobody knows how to teach languages in a fun and engaging way better than we do! More than 8,000 children have participated in our programs and keep coming back for more!
Campers will engage in a vast array of activities designed to promote language learning during each day at camp. These activities include the following:

Direct Instruction

Each weekly camp is designated with a different thematic unit, which provides opportunities for campers to learn new vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. Each thematic unit has a specific set of language objectives, which include both thematic and core vocabulary and sentence structure objectives. Through the direct instruction sessions, campers will learn the vocabulary and structures of the day and reinforce what was previously learned that week. Direct instruction sessions are carried out via interactive games and hands-on activities to help children enjoy their learning experience and maximize retention of the language learned.

Interactive Games and Hands-On Activities

Children learn best through play, and our teachers understand that well. All games and activities carried out at camp are designed to provide campers with the opportunity to use the language they are learning in authentic and natural ways to promote meaningful communication that campers would encounter outside the classroom.

A Day at the Camp

Art and Crafts Projects

Campers will work on arts and crafts projects designed specifically to help children use and retain the vocabulary and structures learned during the direct instruction session. Art and craft projects also allow us to incorporate important cultural elements into the curriculum allowing children to express themselves and enjoy learning another language and culture.
Free play / Recess: Children will have an opportunity to enjoy time for free play, always directly supervised by their teacher. Free play will take place in different areas, depending on each camp location. At museum camp locations, free play will take place in the classroom and campers will also visit different exhibits selected to reinforce vocabulary learned via the thematic unit. At other locations, free play will take place in the designated playground or play area.

If you have any questions about any of the activities mentioned above, please feel free to contact:

Vanessa Simpson, M. Ed.

Director of Education