Introducing machine learning to kids is not that challenging as you think.

Introducing machine learning to kids is not that challenging as you think

Kids can make wonders; many surveys and stats prove that the age from 5-15 is the best time for anyone in their entire lifetime to store as much data into their brain as possible. But the very idea of introducing them to such complex topics like AI and ML can be extremely terrifying. But worry not, we are here to help you take your kids into the world of ML.

Machine learning is definitely not as easy as teaching rhymes but we can make it fun. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and hence, make sure you don’t dig deep into the topics like robots or automation. Start from the least bottom level, the scratch, start by taking an example of a toy car. Start by explaining how elements like the steering, gearbox, and clutch work in the car with certain mechanisms and now, introduce the car they see every day as a ‘machine’.

Putting in simpler terms, the definition of a machine would be:

A device that does a physical task with certain orders. Some machines make communications easier like a phone. Other machines carry people from place to place like a car. Some others print documents like the computer. Other machines even talk with us and do the tasks assigned like a robot. All these are nothing but machines.

Let’s make baby steps at the beginning instead of rushing. Now begin with the basic definition of machine learning.

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