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Through fun interactive activities, music and games, students will learn about families living in different Spanish-speaking countries and their traditions, and they will be engaged to consider different cultural perspectives while incorporating the five C’s of the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.

Students will learn to ask questions and provide responses on topics such as self, family and community, as well as understand and describe some cultural aspects and traditions of some Spanish-speaking countries such as greetings, celebrations, food and civics.

Students will be encouraged to think about their own culture and how it is different from the culture and traditions of the Spanish-speaking countries they will learn about.

Aside from the core vocabulary (which includes sentence structures of common use, descriptive adjectives, expressions of like and dislike, verbs, and commonly used nouns), students will learn vocabulary for family members, and words and structures for describing the culture and traditions of other countries. Students will also learn vocabulary for describing pastimes and self-descriptive adjectives.

Our lesson plans are aligned with the American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages.


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