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Welcome to Language Kids World. We offer a convenient and reliable solution to schools that would like to provide a foreign language program to their students. We are a well respected local language teaching company known for its outstanding service and innovative curriculum specialized in foreign language acquisition programs for children. We have partnered with dozens of schools, preschools and other locations in the Greater Houston area to provide our foreign language acquisition programs, and hundreds of students have benefited from our engaging classes and experienced and energetic educators. We are currently offering Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French language acquisition programs for children at several schools and preschools in the Houston metro area. If we are not at your school yet and you would like to bring the WORLD to your school, click here.


Language Kids World will give you the opportunity to provide successful language acquisition programs for the children at your school, in which they can learn and experience another language and culture through music and play! Parents will benefit from the opportunity to have their children receive a language learning enrichment activity right at their child’s school. If you would like more information about adding a foreign language acquisition to your school’s extracurricular activities, click here.


We offer two types of programs at schools:

Pull-out program – This is a parent-financed format in which enrolled students are pulled-out and taken to a separate classroom where the foreign language class takes place.

Foreign language as part of the school curriculum – We can develop a foreign language acquisition program specially designed to serve your school’s needs, and incorporate it to your existing school’s curriculum. This is a school-financed program, starting at $245/month.


Some special characteristics of our language acquisition programs that make us stand out are:

  • Affordable and flexible programs, both school and parent-financed.
  • Our parent-financed groups are small, with a maximum of 10 students per class.
  • One of the distinctive features of our curriculum is that we provide students with the opportunity to participate in authentic activities that are similar to real life situations, helping them learn language in context enhancing their learning experience.
  • A unique feature about our programs is that parents have digital access to our proprietary videos, voice files, flash cards and pronunciation guides, which they can use at home to reinforce what the students have learned. Parents can also have the students watch specific videos before the class to help them get even more out of our programs.
  • Our curriculum utilizes the most advanced methodologies of language acquisition, such as the naturalistic approach, total physical response, TPRS, etc., to guide students through an enhanced learning experience within a carefully prepared and nurturing environment.
  • One of the elements that makes us a unique and successful language acquisition for children is the integration of different elements to promote learning, such as music, visuals and manipulative materials.
  • Emphasis is placed on auditory comprehension and oral expression.
  • Our spiral curriculum reinforces vocabulary and sentence structures previously learned as it gradually incorporates new words and structures through hands-on activities and songs.


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Some advantages that follow from learning a second language at an early age are:

Early second language study enhances children’s understanding of how language itself works and promotes achievement in English vocabulary and reading skills.

Children who learn a second language are more creative and better at solving complex problems Lifelong ability to communicate with people from other countries and background.

Children that study a second language show greater cognitive flexibility, better problem solving and higher order thinking skills.

Children learning a second language have better listening skills and sharper memories than their monolingual peers.

Children who are exposed to a second language at a young age achieve higher levels of cognitive development at an earlier age.

Bilingualism fosters the development of verbal and spatial abilities.

Improved academic performance.

Offering foreign language study, demonstrates to children and their families that languages other than English, and cultures other than the mainstream, are also valued.


For more information about the benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism, and more information about second and foreign language acquisition research, click here.



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