Getting a child interested in accumulating money can lead to some really cool outcomes later in their lives, such as them being able to fund their needs + wants + dreams.

In other words, by gifting them one of these unique piggy banks for kids below, you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back down the road when you see them living their lives OUT LOUD.

These money banks for kids have one slot, and one opening to access the money from that slot (yes, gone are the days where you have to smash your piggy bank to get the money out. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing…depends on how impulsive your little one is!).

1. Frozen Elsa Piggy Bank

Peachtree Playthings Frozen Elsa Coin Bank

Fun little fact: my husband is in love with Frozen. He might not admit to it out on the street…but he is. He plays the songs for our little guy on his phone (and may or may not sing along with them).

Any other Frozen fans on your shopping list? Personally, I’m wondering how many coins will actually fit inside this Elsa doll.

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