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Welcome to Language Kids WORLD!

Our fun and innovative foreign language acquisition programs for children are provided at schools and preschools during the school year.

We also provide summer classes at some locations and Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French and English immersion summer camps at multiple locations in the Houston metro area. Learn more about our immersion summer camps.

Click on the language you want your child to learn and find your child’s school. If we are not currently providing a foreign language class at your child’s school, you can refer it here. Most of our programs are opened due to parent referral.

Please note that only language enrichment programs open to parent enrollment are included here. Foreign language enrichment programs that are part of a school’s curriculum are not included here.

To access online resources to support your child’s learning at home, visit the Student Corner.

Learn more about our fun and innovative Spanish, French & Mandarin Chinese language and culture enrichment programs for children.

Learn more about our foreign language acquisition programs for schools, preschools and day care centers and how you can bring a world language program to your school.

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