Camp Safety Procedures

Please become familiar with the following safety protocols, which are also included in the camp terms and conditions:

Sign-In • All parents must sign in their child every day. Parents must walk their child into the classroom and sign the sign-in sheet. Parents that do not walk their child into the classroom and sign their child in will be called to come back to camp to sign their child in. If a parent fails to sign in their child at camp more than once, Language Kids Houston may choose to unregister the child and issue a prorated refund for the days that the child did not attend camp.

Sign-Out • Language Kids Houston teachers will release children only to authorized individuals, as designated on the registration form. Only parents and authorized individuals may pick children up from the program. Parents must provide the name and contact information of any persons authorized to pick the child up, and that information must be provided upon registration, before the student is allowed to attend the program. • All children must be signed out every class by a parent or an authorized individual. Failure to sign your child out will be regarded as an “incident” and may result in suspension from the program, and Language Kids will not be obligated to refund for the missed day(s) of camp. • Only adults 18 years and older are authorized to pick children up and showing a photo ID is mandatory upon request. Parents must notify in writing if there are any changes in the persons authorized to pick-up their child. Phone calls are not accepted. Children without written permission will not be allowed to leave the school. Parents can notify Language Kids Houston in writing through any of the following means: Email: Fax: 832-201-7771

Safety Education and Emergency Drill • Every Monday morning, before starting camp, teachers will have a session in which they will explain to the children the safety guidelines for the specific location where each camp is held at. Teachers will also carry out an emergency drill so children know how to react in case of an emergency at camp. Please bring your child on time on Monday morning, since each child must receive this information. Teachers will repeat the safety education session and emergency drill for those students who were not present, but this may disrupt camp planned activities.

Behavior expectations • Language Kids Houston language acquisition program will adhere to Language Kids Behavior Policy and Code of Conduct in order to ensure the safety of all the students. Services will be suspended if disrespectful or unsafe behavior towards another student or staff member is displayed by either a student or a parent of a student. Parents must make sure their children understand the expected behavior towards other students and staff. All children enrolled in camp must be potty-trained. In the event a child’s behavior becomes severely disruptive, unsafe to him/herself or others or the child does not respond to intervention, the parent/authorized caregiver will be called to pick him/her up immediately. If severe behavior continues, my child may be removed from the program.

Medications • Teachers will not administer medications at camp. The only medications administered will be disinfectant ointment, and teachers will apply a band aid or an ice pack when needed. If your child has an EpiPen available, please make sure to let the teachers know and email us at to let us know you will be dropping off an EpiPen with your child.

Accidents at camp • If your child has an accident at camp that requires medical attention, we will call you immediately. If we are unable to reach you, we will call the person or persons you have designated as emergency contacts.  In the event we are unable to reach the parent or guardian or other persons listed as emergency contacts, our teachers will call 911 or take your child to the nearest urgent care facility.

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