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Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, English (ESL) & American Sign Language

Language Programs for Children

This winter, we will bring the world to your child with our fun, engaging and innovative immersion camps! With more than two decades of language teaching experience under our belt, we are masters at teaching languages to children in fun and innovative ways.


Virtual Classes – Spring 2022

Spanish, Mandarin Chinese & French

This fall, we will bring the world to your child with our fun, engaging and innovative classes for children and adults.

With more than two decades of language teaching experience under our belt, we are masters at teaching languages to children in fun and innovative ways.

We are providing in-person classes at schools and other locations in the Houston area, as well as virtual classes, in which we bring our fun and engaging programs to your home. 

We are providing in-person Spanish winter camps at the Heights locations. Learn more here: Camp Heights

* Ages at all camps are restricted to children 4 years and older and campers must be able to wear a mask during the day.

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We have helped thousands of children become culturally-aware bilingual students, excited about learning another language and culture.

Our renowned programs incorporate fun and engaging hands-on activities, music, play and much more!

The focus of our virtual programs is to help children develop conversational skills. Just like with all of our other programs, in our virtual programs children will play their way to becoming fluent in the target language through vocabulary acquisition, understanding sentence structures, and getting to use the language they are learning in a meaningful way.

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dual language schools

Language Support for Dual Language Schools

We can help your child stay on track with school-work. Our program is designed to help students stay focused by providing educational support and guidance and help them complete school work while giving parents flexibility and freedom during the day. We add the bonus of helping your child learn another language through play and hands-on, interactive and fun activities! We offer our programs both virtually and in-person.

Houston Learning Pods

Learning Pods

We offer full support for Learning Pods, helping students with formal online school and giving parents peace of mind, flexibility and freedom during the day. We add the bonus of teaching your child Spanish in their down time!
* Affordable services starting at $35/hour
* Full Learning Pod support plus Spanish language instruction!
* In-Person Learning Pod programs in the Houston metro area.
* Virtual Learning Pod programs across the nation.

Welcome to Language Kids World!

Our mission is to provide foreign language acquisition programs for children in an authentic, fun and nurturing environment that focuses on fluency development and fosters friendship and curiosity for other cultures.

We have been providing Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, English (ESL) and American Sign Language acquisition programs in the Houston area for over 10 years. Our company was founded 21 years ago and our focus is exclusively to teach foreign languages to children in fun and authentic ways through research-based immersion methodologies.

Your child can learn another language, we can help!

We are passionate about world languages and multiculturalism, and teaching them to children in engaging and fun ways. 

We provide innovative and interactive Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, English (ESL) & American Sign Language acquisition programs for children in the Houston area and surrounding cities.

Learning another language has never been so much fun!!

Give your child the gift of another language and culture with our language immersion classes at schools and preschools and our immersion summer camps. Our programs are play-based and interactive, and are taught by dedicated and enthusiastic native-speaking language educators with extensive training and experience in language teaching methodologies. 

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WE are all about

One World, Many Cultures

We teach language by teaching students other disciplines and topics, using language as a tool for learning, not the end of learning itself. This helps students use language to develop critical thinking and understand how they can use the language beyond the classroom to achieve fluency and meaningful communication, with an ability to interact with others in the target language with cultural competence and understanding.

Promoting Fluency

Our aim is to help students learn to communicate meaningfully and effectively in the second language in order to function in a variety of real-life situations. We focus on promoting foreign language learning and fluency with the goal of authentic and meaningful communication and the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills (depending on the program, age and proficiency level). 

Fun and Innovative

Through music, actions, storytelling and visuals we appeal to the children’s multiple intelligences. Our curriculum and combined methods we use in the classroom are developmentally appropriate for children of all ages. Studies have proven that performing actions fosters better, long-term retention. When children use their bodies to express language, it is more easily retained, which facilitates transferring from listening skills to the other language skills of speaking, reading and writing. Using songs in class along with storytelling helps develop a structure to create cohesive meaning for the vocabulary words.

Interactive & Student-Centered

Our student – centered curriculum provides children with the opportunity to participate in interactive activities and games that are culturally relevant and geared to help them build, reinforce and further develop the language and cultural knowledge they are acquiring. All our programs are designed for a play and music-based platform, and all the activities are focused on the children’s learning. Our curriculum is designed to allow for active learning. Children have direct hands-on learning experiences through the use of multiple manipulative materials and games.

Language Kids World provides Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, English and American Sign Language summer day camps, after school programs and language ancillary classes at schools, preschools and day care centers at dozens of locations in the Houston metro area and its surrounding  areas, including camps and classes in Bellaire, camps and classes in the Heights, camps and classes in Southwest Houston, camps and classes in Meyerland, camps and classes in Memorial, camps and classes in the Energy Corridor, camps and classes in Sugar Land, camps and classes in Stafford, camps and classes in Katy, camps and classes in Pearland, camps and classes in The Woodlands and Spring, camps and classes in Kingwood, camps and classes in Clear Lake and Webster, and camps and classes in Alvin, camps and classes in Richmond and camps and classes in Rosenberg.

We provide Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French instructors for schools, preschools and day care centers as well as language instructors for International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programs (IB PYP) in the Houston area and surrounding cities.

Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French & English


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