Foreign Language Enrichment Programs for Children

Spanish, Mandarin Chinese & French

Welcome to Language Kids World. We are committed to helping children learn and experience another language and culture while having fun!

Our language acquisition programs provide children the opportunity to learn a second language at a young age, appreciating that they will have access to a more functional vocabulary because of it. The younger children are when they learn a new language, the more probable it is that they will achieve native-like pronunciation.

Our current foreign language enrichment programs for children at schools and preschools include Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French classes.

Why Language Kids WORLD

  • We are professionally-trained, well-experienced, college-educated, native-speaking language teachers.
  • We are the largest language teaching company in the Houston area that specializes in language learning for children.
  • 10,000+ children have participated in our foreign language programs.
  • We provide culturally-enriched lessons designed by language teaching experts.
  • Our curriculum is aligned with the Texas Education Agency and the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).
  • Our programs are affordable.
  • We provide students with the opportunity to participate in authentic activities that are similar to real-life situations, helping them learn a new language in the appropriate context to enhance their learning experience.
  • We give parents digital access to our proprietary videos, voice files, flashcards, and pronunciation guides, so they can continue to reinforce what their children have learned in school at home. Parents can also encourage their children to watch specific videos before the class to help them get even more out of our programs.