Full Learning Pod Support Plus Language Instruction

  • Affordable services start at $50/hour.
  • Full Learning Pod support plus Spanish language instruction!
  • In-Person Learning Pod programs in the Houston metro area.
  • Virtual Learning Pod programs across the nation.

We can help your child stay on track with schoolwork. Our program is designed to help students stay focused, by providing educational support and guidance and helping them complete school work while giving parents flexibility and freedom during the day.

We add the bonus of helping your child learn another language through play and hands-on, interactive, and fun activities. We offer our programs both virtually and in person. You can form your own pod of students or we can help you form one. Our program is ideal for elementary school students attending both regular and dual-language schools.

Our Learning Pod instructors are Language Kids World employees and we handle payroll and insurance, giving you additional peace of mind.

Programs for Dual-Language Schools

Dual-language school students may need additional language support during this time, and that’s where we come in. We want to support students with language instruction, homework help or any other educational language support service that students may need during this time.

We offer full support for Learning Pods, helping students with formal online school and giving parents peace of mind, flexibility and freedom during the day. We add the bonus of teaching your child another language in their downtime!

Whether is a group of children in the same school and grade or private tutoring services, we are here to help!

While many parents would like to create their own group with students that know each other and are in the same grade, some other parents may be looking for a more private support service.

Let us know what you are looking for, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

We will tailor our services to provide the support your child needs