Through songs, games, interactive hands-on activities, and crafts we will introduce new vocabulary and language structures that promote meaningful communication in the target language. Each day at camp has specific language learning objectives (which include both vocabulary and grammatical structures objectives) which are accomplished through a combination of direct instruction and other relevant and engaging activities such as interactive games and crafts in which children will be using the language learned in an authentic and natural manner. In our immersion camps, teachers use the target language throughout the day in a scaffolded manner, using English only when necessary.

Our teachers receive extensive training on methodologies for immersion language education, helping children to connect meaning to the vocabulary and structures they are learning while staying in the target language.

While our themes add fun and help keep the children engaged and learning new vocabulary specific to the context of each thematic unit, the educational focus is based on grammatical structures and learning objectives specific to each age group.

If you have any questions about the immersion methodology, please contact:

Vanessa Simpson, M.Ed.

Director of Education