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Learning another language has never been so much fun at Language Kids World. Our philosophy of education prioritizes a child-centered and experienced-based approach where the children learn best through active engagement and a whole lot of laughter. Here are some French words that have one story in French and another in English.  Here are a few funny French words to add a little magic in life.

La Pomme de Terre


This may be the most strange compound word of the French language. Literally, it translates as “apple from Earth” or “apple of the Earth”,  but it’s actually a mere potato. Weird, when we know that a potato is not a fruit but a root… And to confuse things even more, you’ll often hear French speakers call a “pomme de terre” a “patate” in colloquial French.

La chauve-souris   

What is the difference between a mouse and a bat in French? Apparently one of them is bald! Formed with the words “chauve” (bald) and “souris” (mouse), the French word for bat doesn’t seem to make much sense.


Le cerf-volant

How many “flying deers” have you seen? Apparently, you can see tons on the beaches of France but they all look like kites.

La Tartine

When it comes to food, there are obviously many French dishes that come to mind. But have you ever heard of the “tartine”? It’s not really a dish but it’s quite popular as breakfast, lunch, goûter and apéritif among French people. Take a piece of fresh bread, nicely sliced, add butter or chocolate spread and bam!, you’ve got yourself a “tartine”! Tartine de pain beurrée (buttered tartine) dipped in hot cocoa is a favorite at breakfast. So yummy!


Literally,  it means fun in your mouth but it’s actually an appetizer.

Doigts de pieds

The translation is finger toes. Not quite what you’d expect to hear when you look at your hands.

Les doigts dans le nez

Fingers in the nose meaning doing something that is super easy.

Faire lèche-vitrine   

To lick the window is the direct translation of this fabulous French activity. Kids love to go window shopping.

Try using these funny French phrases in conversation. The more you practice using them, the more natural they will start to become. Share a laugh over these sayings and other fun expressions your child will learn at French camp. Find out more at 



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