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Keeping Cozy in Houston: A Family Guide to Staying Warm and Entertained During Cold Snaps

Hello Houston families! While we’re more accustomed to sunshine and warmth, those rare cold snaps can catch us off guard. Don’t worry, though; with a little preparation, we can keep our families warm, safe, and entertained. Here’s your go-to guide for braving the Houston chill.

1. Dress in Layers:

For the Little Ones: Start with a snug base layer like thermal underwear, add a middle insulating layer (fleece or wool), and top it off with a waterproof outer layer.
For Adults: Follow the same layering principle. Remember, it’s easier to remove a layer if you’re too warm than to add one you don’t have!

2. Home Heating Safety:

Check Your Heating System: Ensure your home’s heating system is serviced and functioning correctly before the cold hits.
Space Heaters: If using space heaters, keep them away from flammable materials and out of children’s reach. Never leave them unattended.

3. Protecting Fury Friends: Bring outdoor pets inside or ensure they have a warm, sheltered area.

4. Protecting Pipes: Insulate exposed pipes to prevent freezing. Dripping faucets can also prevent pipes from bursting.

5. Keeping it Fun! Indoor Activities with Kids:

Craft Time: Get creative with materials around the house. Make winter-themed crafts like snowflakes or paper icicles.
Bake Together: Baking is a delicious way to heat up the house. Try simple recipes like cookies or muffins that kids can help with.
Storytime: Gather blankets and read books together. Make it fun by reading stories about winter or snow.
Educational Games: Use online resources for educational games that can be both fun and informative.

6. Staying Healthy:

Stay Hydrated: Cold weather can be dehydrating. Ensure everyone is drinking plenty of fluids.
Eat Well: Hot, nutritious meals are vital for maintaining energy levels in cold weather.

While cold weather in Houston is rare, being prepared ensures that you and your family stay warm, safe, and happy. Remember, these chilly days provide a unique opportunity to create warm memories with your loved ones. Stay warm, Houston!

Resources for Houston Families

City of Houston Emergency Management: Houston Emergency Site offers updates on weather conditions and safety tips. https://houstonemergency.org/

Energy Assistance:

Shelters for Homeless People:

  • The Beacon: Offers essential services and resources for the homeless in Houston. Website: The Beacon
  • Star of Hope: A mission dedicated to helping the homeless men, women, and children in Houston. Website: Star of Hope
  • Coalition for the Homeless Houston: Coordinates the community response to homelessness in Houston. Website: Homeless Houston

Emergency Shelter Information:

  • Houston Emergency Management: For up-to-date information on emergency shelters during extreme weather events. Website: Houston Emergency Site
  • Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management: Provides information on emergency shelters in the Harris County area. Website: Ready Harris

Resources for Animals:

  • Houston Humane Society: Offers services and resources for pet safety during cold weather. Website: Houston Humane Society
  • BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions: Provides information on pet care during emergencies and extreme weather. Website: BARC
  • PetSet Houston: A resource for finding animal shelters and emergency pet services in the Houston area. Website: Houston PetSet

General Emergency Services:

  • 2-1-1 Texas: A program by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to help Texas citizens connect with the services they need. Dial 211 for assistance.
  • American Red Cross of the Texas Gulf Coast: Provides disaster relief and support services. Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast

Remember to verify these resources and contact them directly for the most current information, especially during emergency situations.

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