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Virtual Programs Policies

Terms and Conditions for Virtual Programs including Camps, Classes, and all Online or Virtual Services Offered by Language Kids World

Registrations are on a first-come-first-served basis. Parents on the wait list will be contacted in the order we received the application.

Technology requirements • Parents and/or caregivers are responsible for providing adequate devices and internet connection for students to participate in a virtual program. Language Kids Houston will not be responsible for providing technology supplies, internet connection, or technical assistance for students.

Virtual Classroom Rules for Students • Students must show up a few minutes before class starts and wait to be admitted into the class. Students should find a quiet place where they won’t be distracted. Students should abstain from using virtual backgrounds because they can be distracting for other students. Students should stay muted and click the “raise hand” button if they have a question or wish to share something. Their teacher will unmute them when necessary. Students should only do class activities during the class. Students should always leave their camera on and let their teacher know if they need to leave for a moment. Students should write in the chat only when the teacher requests it and address the teacher only. Students should not address other students in the chat box unless requested by the teacher. Students should not send private messages to other students.

Virtual Classroom Rules for Parents and/or Caregivers • If a student needs help logging into the class, parents and/or caregivers should help them log in 2-3 minutes before the class starts and to make sure the camera and microphone are working properly. Parents and/or caregivers should make sure the student is muted upon entering the class. Parents and/or caregivers should set students up in a well-lit area free from distractions, such as pets, siblings or TV background noise. Parents and/or caregivers should ask students to sit on a chair by a table and we don’t recommend that students sit on their bed or on the floor as this increases distraction. In order to minimize the need for breaks, parents and/or caregivers should make sure students have all his/her material before class starts, and that he/she has a bottle of water handy. It’s also a good idea to ask students to use the restroom before the class. Parents and/or caregivers should not be on the phone near the student during class. If the internet connection is spotty or if having technical difficulties, parents and/or caregivers should help students exit the meeting and try reloading the page.

Behavior expectations • Language Kids Houston language acquisition program will adhere to Language Kids Behavior Policy and Code of Conduct in order to ensure the safety of all the students. Services will be suspended if disrespectful or unsafe behavior towards another student or staff member is displayed by either a student or a parent of a student. Parents must make sure their children understand the expected behavior towards other students and staff. In the event a child’s behavior becomes severely disruptive, unsafe to him/herself or others or the child does not respond to intervention, the child will be taken out of class for the day. If severe behavior continues, the child may be removed from the program.

Academic expectations • Language Kids Houston’s program is an academic foreign language acquisition program, and its goal is to help students develop foreign language skills and cultural awareness. However, Language Kids Houston and its employees do not guarantee that students will reach a specific proficiency level in the target language at any point. Success in acquiring the language will depend largely in each individual student and the support he or she receives at home. • Although Language Kids Houston is an academic language acquisition program and the teachers will make their best efforts to help the children develop their foreign language skills, it is the parent’s responsibility to support children’s learning at home by following some or all the assignments and activities that the teacher will provide and seeking any other forms of support deemed necessary.

Technical Issues  If there is a technical issue and the teacher is disconnected, he/she will try to reconnect again. Students, parents/or caregivers must try to reconnect to the class again if the connection is broken. If the teacher is unable to reconnect again and no other teacher is able to connect, Language Kids Houston will notify parents and/or caregivers and a refund will be given for that day’s instruction. If the teacher is able to reconnect, he/she will add the time lost at the end of the session. No refunds will be issued if a student has to miss a class, camp or any other program, either partially or entirely, due to technical difficulties.

Privacy • Students, parents and/or caregivers should only share the class login details with those who need to know it in order to help the student log into the class.

Privacy Policy • Please click here to view out Privacy Policy.

Refunds • Refunds will not be issued for non-attendance to one or more days of camp or class. Deposits are non-refundable for any reason. • If Language Kids Houston finds it necessary to un-register a child, a refund will be issued after deduction for classes already attended.

If cancelling a camp, parents may receive up to 50% refund of the full amount paid if letting Language Kids Houston know in writing at least 14 business days prior the first day of the camp (not counting the first day of camp). Notices must be emailed to No full refunds will be issued.

Payment Plans: At times payment plans will be offered for specific programs. Upon registration, a 20% down payment will be applied toward the total balance due. The balance due after the down payment has been applied will be distributed in monthly payments of equal amounts charged on the 1st day of each month, until the balance due is paid off by the due date.

Deposits: In some cases, an option to pay a deposit to reserve a student’s place in a specific camp may be offered. A $50 deposit can be paid to reserve a spot in a specific summer camp week. Each deposit fee can be applied to one child only. The remaining of the balance due (including before and/or after camp care if applicable) must be paid in full at least 30 days before the first day of camp.

Failure to make a full payment of the remaining balance due will result in the cancellation of the enrollment and the loss of the deposit paid. Deposits will not be refunded for any reason. Deposits can only be transferred to another summer camp week by notifying us in writing 14 business days before the first day of the summer camp week the deposit was paid for. Written notifications must be emailed to

Waiver of Liability

In consideration of being permitted to participate in Language Kids Houston, LLC programs and classes, and acknowledging I am giving my child(ren) my permission to participate in the class, camp or program provided by Language Kids Houston, LLCI understand and am aware that such activity involves a risk of injury from my child(ren)’s participation in the said activity and that I am voluntarily giving permission to participate in this activity. I hereby agree to expressly assume and accept any and all risk of injury from my child(ren)’s participation in this activity. I do hereby and forever discharge, release, indemnify, and hold harmless Language Kids Houston, LLC and the hosting locations and their employees, the Association, Board of Directors, officers, agents and managing parties for and on behalf of myself and my minor child(ren) and our respective heirs, successors and assigns from any and all liability, rights of action, causes of action, losses, claims, demands, cost and expenses for damages and/or personal injury that may arise in conjunction with my child(ren)’s participation in this activity.

Photo Release

I understand that photographs, video and/or digital images (hereinafter images), may be taken of my participation or my minor’s participation in various activities while at class/camp. I understand that no names or personal contact information will accompany any images. I understand that these images may be used in slide shows, web-site photo albums, video yearbooks, and other promotional materials and/or publications. I acknowledge below that I do consent to such images of my likeness or my minors likeness being taken and do not request compensation for the use of my likeness or my minors likeness.

I grant Language Kids Houston, LLC and host sites the absolute right to copyright, re-use, publish and republish by any medium, including electronically, any photos included that may be taken while participating in a Language Kids Houston, LLC event unless otherwise notified in writing.