Thematic Unit for our Language Immersion Camps and Classes

L’Art en France

Embark on a creative journey with our “L’Art en France” camp, a specially crafted thematic unit for children who have a passion for art and an interest in French culture. This camp offers a unique blend of art education and French language immersion, set against the backdrop of France’s rich artistic heritage. Campers will explore various French art movements, learn about famous French artists, and create their own masterpieces, all while being immersed in the beautiful French language.

Exploring French Art Movements: Each day, our young artists will delve into a different French art movement, such as Impressionism and Surrealism. They will learn about the renowned artists who led these artistic revolutions.

French Language Immersion Through Art: As campers engage with French art, they will naturally be immersed in the French language. Our activities are designed to teach French vocabulary related to art, colors, shapes, and art techniques. This immersive approach allows children to learn French in a context that is both engaging and relevant to their artistic explorations.

Creating Art à la Française: Inspired by the works of famous French artists like Monet, Cézanne, and Matisse, campers will create their own art pieces. They might paint in the style of Impressionism, experiment with Fauvist colors, or try their hand at Surrealist collage. These art projects not only stimulate creativity but also reinforce their understanding of French art history.

Learning About French Artists: Campers will be introduced to the lives and works of iconic French artists. Through storytelling, visual presentations, and interactive discussions, they will discover the artists’ techniques, inspirations, and contributions to the world of art.

Cultural Activities and French Traditions: To complement the art focus, campers will also engage in cultural activities that highlight French traditions. They will learn French songs and explore the stories behind famous French landmarks like the Louvre and Montmartre.

Cultural Appreciation and Global Awareness: Our camp is designed to foster an appreciation for French culture and art, as well as a broader understanding of global artistic traditions.

Join us at “L’Art en France” for a summer filled with artistic discovery, language learning, and fun! This camp is the perfect place for children to explore the richness of French art, develop their French language skills, and express their creativity through a variety of artistic mediums. Get ready for a colorful and educational adventure into the world of French art!