Thematic Unit for our Language Immersion Camps and Classes

Exploring Quebec: A Canadian Adventure

Embark on a delightful journey with our “Exploring Quebec” camp, a specially designed thematic unit for children who are enthusiastic about discovering new cultures and learning a new language. This camp offers a unique blend of cultural exploration and French language immersion, focusing on the beautiful province of Quebec, Canada. Campers will dive into Quebec’s fascinating history, delicious cuisine, iconic landmarks, and engaging activities, all while enhancing their French language skills.

Discovering Quebec’s Rich Culture: Each day, our young explorers will delve into different aspects of Quebec’s vibrant culture. From the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec City to the scenic beauty of the Laurentian Mountains, campers will learn about the province’s diverse geography and historical significance.

French Language Immersion Through Quebec’s Lens: As campers engage with Quebec’s culture, they will naturally learn and practice French. Our activities are designed to introduce French vocabulary and phrases related to Quebec’s history, geography, and everyday life. This immersive approach makes learning French exciting and relevant to their cultural exploration.

Exploring Quebecois Cuisine: Quebec’s culinary scene is a mix of traditional and modern flavors. Campers will learn about popular Quebecois dishes such as poutine, tourtière, and maple syrup treats. This is for demonstration only, we won’t be cooking at camp.

Interactive Activities and Quebec’s Festivals: “Exploring Quebec” is full of interactive and educational activities. Campers might participate in a simulated Quebec Winter Carnival, complete with DIY ice sculptures and winter games, or learn traditional Quebecois folk dances. These activities not only enhance their understanding of Quebec’s culture but also provide fun and engaging ways to practice their French.

Learning About Quebec’s Natural Wonders and Wildlife: Quebec is home to stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife. Campers will learn about the flora and fauna of Quebec’s national parks, the majestic St. Lawrence River, and the importance of environmental conservation in these areas.

Cultural Appreciation and Global Perspectives: Our camp aims to foster an appreciation for Quebec’s unique culture within the broader context of the Francophone world. Children will develop a broader understanding of French-speaking cultures and the diversity within them.

Join us at “Exploring Quebec: A Canadian Adventure” for a summer filled with cultural discovery, language learning, and fun! This camp is the perfect place for children to immerse themselves in the charm and beauty of Quebec, develop their French language skills, and experience the rich tapestry of Canadian Francophone culture. Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Quebec!