Thematic Unit for our Cultural Awareness Camps and Classes

World Explorers’ Club

Unit 2: Ireland, Singapore, Argentina, Papua New Guinea

World Explorer's Club: The best culture camps

Welcome to the “World Explorers’ Club” – A Cultural Awareness Thematic Unit for Inquisitive Young Minds!

Embark on a captivating journey with our “World Explorers Club” camp, where each day we ‘travel’ to a different country, diving into its unique culture, food, wildlife, fascinating places, and intriguing facts. This thematic unit is designed to spark curiosity and celebrate the distinctiveness of each destination, focusing on the aspects that make these countries awesome and unique. We will explore Ireland, Singapore, Argentina, and Papua New Guinea, emphasizing fun and cultural awareness, conducted entirely in English.

Day 1: Discovering Ireland: Our adventure begins on the Emerald Isle, where we’ll explore Ireland’s rich folklore, including leprechauns and fairy tales. We’ll learn about traditional Irish music and dance, marvel at the natural beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, and talk about the significance of St. Patrick’s Day. Crafts might include creating Celtic knots and shamrock art.

Day 2: Experiencing Singapore: Next, we jet off to Singapore, a bustling metropolis known for its multicultural tapestry. Campers will learn about the unique blend of cultures in Singapore, explore the incredible Gardens by the Bay, and talk about the country’s commitment to urban greenery. Activities may include designing a mini Supertree or creating multicultural masks.

Day 3: Adventuring in Argentina: Our journey then takes us to Argentina, the land of tango, gauchos, and magnificent landscapes. We’ll explore the vibrant culture of Buenos Aires, learn about the diverse wildlife of Patagonia, and discuss Argentina’s love for soccer and its legendary players. Campers might try a simple tango step and create colorful Pampas grass art.

Day 4: Exploring Papua New Guinea: We then travel to Papua New Guinea, known for its rich tribal cultures and incredible biodiversity. We’ll learn about the diverse tribes, their languages and customs, explore the lush rainforests, and talk about the unique bird species found there, like the Bird of Paradise. Activities could include making tribal masks and bird crafts.

Day 5: Celebration of Nations: This festive day brings together everything our campers have learned. Children will participate in a cultural parade, showcase their crafts and projects in a mini world fair, and enjoy music and dance from the countries explored. It’s a day of fun, reflection, and appreciation for global diversity, culminating in an unforgettable experience. Get ready for a vibrant celebration of the world’s cultures! (For 4-day camps, this will be done on the last day of camp).

Join us at the “World Explorers’ Club” for a week of discovery, fun, and cultural enlightenment! This camp is perfect for children eager to learn about the world’s diverse cultures in a fun and interactive setting. Get ready for an unforgettable journey across continents!