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Dear Houston Families!

Your enthusiasm for our cherished summer camp has warmed our hearts, and we were thrilled to see families like yours eager to join us.

As the sun sets on another magical summer at our beloved Spanish Immersion Camp, we find ourselves with hearts brimming with gratitude and joy. The sounds of laughter, the rhythm of Spanish songs, and the magic of new friendships are still dancing in our minds.

Oh, how we loved having your children with us! They came to us like blank canvases, eager to be filled with the rich hues of a new language and culture. Through every “¡Hola!”, every salsa step, and every game, they embraced the vibrant spirit of the Spanish language and its many cultures.

We embarked on a linguistic adventure together, each day was a fiesta of learning and fun, with memories as colorful as a Picasso painting.

But, dear amigos, the adventure isn’t over yet! We’re already daydreaming about next summer’s camp, where we’ll welcome back your young linguists with open arms, eager to create even more unforgettable memories.

Until then, may the joyous echoes of this summer keep your hearts warm, your feet tapping to a Spanish beat, and your children’s tongues ever-tickled by the charming sounds of Spanish.

See you next summer!

Registration for our 2024 Summer Camp Season starts on January 15, 2024


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Spanish Immersion

Summer Camps 2024

At Camp Memorial, we are offering Spanish immersion summer camps only. If you would like to find a location where another language is provided, click the button below.

Camp Memorial

At Pines Presbyterian Church

12751 Kimberley Ln, Houston, TX 77024