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Le Tour de France

Le Tour de France

Thematic unit for French immersion summer camps 

Take out your passports! Campers will make an unforgettable trip to the different provinces of France, learning not only about French culture and traditions but also developing French conversational skills! Campers will start their journey at Île-de-France (Paris) where they will take a quick visit to some of the most famous icons of this magnificent city. Then campers will travel south to Provençal to visit the Old Port of Marseille and the Prince’s Palace of Moncao. After stopping at the Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux, campers will continue their tour north toward Normandie, where they will ride on the Pont de Normandie to cross the river Seine and visit Le Mont-Saint-Michel  island. Campers will finish their journey at Pays de la Loire, where they will visit the ancient walled city of Guérande and the Château d’Angers castle.

Linguist Apprentices (Ages 3-5) – Through music and play, campers will develop their conversational skills in a second language. Children will engage in arts and crafts and hands-on projects while learning another language.

Language Ambassadors (Ages 6-10) – Campers will participate in project-based learning activities that will help them connect the foreign language they are learning to meaning, providing them the opportunity to develop their conversational skills while learning about fun and interesting topics.


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