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Tour Through USA National Parks English

Tour Through USA National Parks

Thematic Unit for English (ESL) Immersion Summer Camp

Let’s Go Camping! – What fun is visiting a national park if you can’t pitch your tent and roll out your sleeping bag? Campers this week will pretend they’re on a camping adventure!

Campers this week will discover some of the most beautiful national parks in the United States! They’ll explore natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and lush sequoia groves and waterfalls in Yosemite Park.

Lots of animals thrive in our nation’s national parks. Campers will learn all about the bald eagle, grizzly bears and alligators, and how to be safe in the wild!

Linguist Apprentices (Ages 3-5) – Through music and play, campers will develop their conversational skills in a second language. Children will engage in arts and crafts and hands-on projects while learning another language.

Language Ambassadors (Ages 6-10) – Campers will participate in project-based learning activities that will help them connect the foreign language they are learning to meaning, providing them the opportunity to develop their conversational skills while learning about fun and interesting topics.


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