Language acquisition programs for children

Language Kids WORLD

Bring the WORLD to Your Child ™

Linguist apprentices

* Due to COVID-19, we are only accepting campers ages 4 and older and that are able to wear a mask throughout the day.

Our  language immersion camps are perfect for young learners. Whether your child has not had any exposure to the target language yet, or he or she is learning it at home, our camps can provide a wonderful experience that will help your child develop conversational skills while having fun!

Through a combination of direct instruction, hands-on interactive games and activities, and music and play, campers will work on phonetic skills development in small groups, using rhymes and rhythm to further develop their conversational skills. Children will engage in arts and crafts and hands-on projects while learning another language, having an opportunity to use and practice the language they are learning in an authentic and meaningful way.

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